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Sektion Innerschweiz

Die Sektion Innerschweiz ist als eigenständiger Verein organisiert und Mitglied der SVMTRA.  Als regionale Vertretung der Innerschweiz übernimmt sie Aufgaben wie Organisation von Weiterbildungen, Kommunikation und Kontaktpflege zu ihren Mitgliedern, Beobachtung von regionalen berufspolitischen Entwicklungen und Sicherstellung der Vertretungen in Kantonalen Gremien und Verbänden.


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Datum Titel Ort Organisator
16.01.2021 ABGESAGT: Neuro-Fortbildung Inselspital - [Mitgliederrabatt] Bern SVMTRA Sektion Nordwestschweiz
24.06.2021 - 26.06.2021 Radiologiekongress SCR'21 - [Mitgliederrabatt] Davos SCR
20.11.2021 Tag der Radiologiefachpersonen 2021 Bern SVMTRA
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SCR'20 - Cancellation

CANCELLATION of SCR'20 from June 18-20, 2020 in Fribourg

The Swiss Society of Radiology (SGR-SSR) and its associated sub-societies, as well as the Swiss Society of Nuclear Medicine (SGNM-SSMN) and the Swiss Association of Radiographers (SVMTRA-ASTRM) have been monitoring the COVID-19 situation very closely and evaluated its potential impact on the SCR’20.

After careful evaluation of the situation and in light of the state of emergency declared by the Swiss authorities as well as the World Health Organization characterization of COVID-19 as a pandemic, we came to the conclusion that holding or postponing a large medical conference, like ours, would neither be feasible nor appropriate and, thus, had to make the difficult decision to cancel the SCR’20

While we are extremely disappointed that we have to cancel our annual meeting, we have to concentrate on the most important aspect at the moment: support slowing-down the spread of this virus. We hope that you all stay safe and we look forward, more than ever, to seeing you for the SCR’21 which will take place in Davos, from June 24-26, 2021!


Natalie Savic
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David Bärtschi
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Carmen Gasser
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Lino Hahn 
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Sandra Moser
Tel: 041 511 26 26

Josef Rüwe
Tel: 041 205 46 65

Eva Stauffer 
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